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Here is the Secret to Making 6+ Figures Passively in Real Estate Investing

Forty Five FAQs to win Big in Passive Investing for Athletes

In the demanding world of athletics, perfecting your skills and pushing your limits leaves little time for focusing on wealth-building. This relentless pursuit of excellence can leave your financial future uncertain. Active investments, without expert knowledge, can be risky and time-consuming, potentially causing you to lose hard-earned money. Passive real estate investing offers a powerful, more secure solution to grow and preserve your wealth without sacrificing your athletic career.

Our guidebook, "Financial Athlete's Guide to Passive Real Estate Investing," is specifically tailored for dedicated athletes like you. Learn how to invest alongside industry experts who manage immense assets and leverage their decades of experience. By adopting passive investment strategies, you'll save valuable time, minimize risks, and accelerate your wealth growth. Don't let financial insecurity overshadow your athletic achievements—download our guidebook today and unlock the secrets to successful passive real estate investing, securing your financial future.

What’s inside the guide?

Everything you need to know about PASSIVE real estate investing



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Learn the pros & cons of every passive investing path AND what it takes to get started. 

Meet your Expert, Alvin.

In his previous career, Alvin was an All-American student-athlete who majored in Physics at Wofford College, then moved on to being an NFL linebacker with the LA Chargers. After a season ending injury cut his career short to only a few years, he worked as an Aerospace Engineer for 8 years while becoming a passive real estate investor.

Alvin’s love for real estate has been the one constant throughout his journey. He began his real estate investing career being exposed to his parent’s portfolio of properties in Louisiana. He was fully involved in the daily operations throughout his childhood. With that breadth of knowledge, he went on to amass a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio himself.

Today, Alvin is the CEO and Founder of Imperium Fortune and Financial Athlete Capital where he has formed a mastermind community of successful and knowledgeable investors within real estate and beyond.